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Welcome to the B2B trade only Giinii web portal where you will find Justin Timberlake’s backpack & travel gear company, fūl . Giinii is a user friendly web ordering portal for you, our customer. Browse, search or select the product ranges which appeal to you.  You are welcome to compile and submit your order via your preferred device, whether it be desk or laptop PC, tablet or mobile device, using our unique and easy to use online ordering system, the Giinii Portal. www.giinii.co.uk


We at fūl (pronounced fuel) have a bunch of things that bring us joy: the perfect pair of denim, Monty Python, and eating at Gus’ in Memphis. However, there are two things make us absolutely ecstatic: designing premium bags and listening to music. Yes, life would be boring without bags and bass guitar.
fūl is designed for you. We are inspired by the life and culture around us; music, art, design, fashion and technology. Our goal is to provide you with a well-crafted, sophisticated, and casual product you can take pride in owning. fūl specializes in bags, backpacks and travel gear. Period. Ask us about tension straps and back-paneling, or maybe the capacity of a split-case duffel, we will talk your ear off. We may even get a little emotional. Our motto is, “Create quality bags with a fashion edge.” We want you to feel just a little cooler using our gear. Like Elvis, barbeque, and the blues, fūl was born in Memphis, Tennessee. And as we continue to grow and evolve, there is one thing that remains constant - fūl‘s commitment to providing our customers with the most unique and dependable bags out there.
The fūl brand was founded by Al Gossett & Justin Timberlake, the singer, songwriter, actor & record producer. fūl‘s inspiration behind the products is music. Designed in Memphis Tennessee, the home of BB King, Justin Timberlake and the king, Elvis. Music brings people together, inspires creativity and appeals to a broad demographic across all genres. That’s how fūl feels about their bags – there is something for everyone in the collection. Celebrities love fūl‘s and here are just a few who have been spotted carrying FUL bags……Taylor Swift, Tommy Lee, Justin Timberlake, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Pink, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Scherzinger, Will.i.am, amongst many others.
The designers at fūl‘s  have a load of things that bring them joy, but the two things that make them ecstatic is designing bags and listening to music. The brand fūl, specializes in backpacks, rolling duffels, luggage and travel gear. Fūl wants you to feel a little cooler using their gear and the commitment is to provide customers with the most unique and dependable bags out there. Revolutionary product that combine exceptional detail with style, quality and a cutting edge to fashion. The fūl range includes all the travel gear you need to make each trip from A to B that much easier – especially if you have the day-in, day-out needs of a serious commuter.
Fūl is about attaining as much convenience and mobility as possible, without sacrificing durability. At  fūl we are dedicated to making quality bags, luggage & travel gear, packed with features and with a fashion edge. We’re inspired by music and the musicians who use our product. Fūl bags are designed for demanding travel schedules and those in-the-know individuals engaged in many different activities. We like to think we can adapt to any situation – and look good doing it. What fūl‘s you?